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Ola Chmiel’s ceramics studio is a consequence of many years of fascination with artistic ceramics. This is a conscious choice and the need for beauty realized every day. These are ordinary dishes that become small works of art with which we associate while eating, drinking, working. A mug, a plate, a bowl cease to be just an ornament or just a dish. They change the character of the interior of the house, its style, give it a different sense and meaning. They embellish everyday life.

It is also hard work, the effects of which seem to have too little to do with work. And yet it is a process that requires great patience and commitment at every stage.

There are many ceramics: clay processing, turning on a circle or obtaining the expected shape or form using other techniques, machining, drying, firing, glazing and firing again. Ceramics are demanding and full of surprises and this also attracts me.